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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Negative Space

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Did some training in character design and their dynamic behaviour ... so is this one of 'em. Negative space and overlapping limbs are supposed to be the first step.

Talking about first steps and space and negative: Resuming the first weeks of spacious apartment-search: negative, Sir ... according to our budget ;-)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Waves // Wellen

it's so hot and sticky these days // can't wait to get closer to the sea in some weeks // anyone out there having a home for us in Hamburg // we're still looking out for one // ... // no fun

Talking about waves ...

.. global dimming will bring some more to us and where I might about to live. Take a look here, what the BBC and 3Sat broadcasted these days. Global dimming through pollution decelerated the effect of global warming. Now, as we work on reducing it ...

Trafalgar Square: Computer animated scenario of a flood
© ORF/BBC/Clearcut Graphicss

If you click on the picture, you'll be about to see the whole documentary by the weekly BBC-magazin "Horizon". Read a first insight here ...

"This is a film that demands action. It reveals that we may have grossly underestimated the speed at which our climate is changing. At its heart is a deadly new phenomenon. One that until very recently scientists refused to believe even existed. But it may already have led to the starvation of millions. Tonight Horizon examines for the first time the power of what scientists are calling Global Dimming."

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

18metzger // 18butchers

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I yet don't know, how Olav Korth (Cologne) came up with his site's name. I only know, his comic-panels and ideas are always worth coming by once in while! He also is one of the contributors to Mamba.

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