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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Carnets de Voyage / Streaming

I just found out about this wonderful series on Arte (Franco-German-TV-Station). They are broadcasting nine 26 min long documentations on six (!!!) international illustrators who travel the world and draw and paint in their Carnets de Voyage / Travel Sketchbooks.

They follow the illustrators on their tours through Armenia, Namibia, Cap Verde and so on ... you see there sketchbooks .... and you see the sites they are on .... you see drawings faded into reality and back ... and moreover you see the people behind it ... the people they encounter!

Times to see: Another six days at 5:35 pm EST. If you are not wake: You can recapture all episodes here in French or here in German. If the links are broken just click on and search for either "Carnets de yoyage" or "Reiseskizzen".


Thursday, August 14, 2008

From Dish-Washing to ...

... the sub in the sink.

A story about underwater adventures ... starting in the kitchen, without setting it under water.

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