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Sunday, January 08, 2006


The ABC of contemporary virtues and vices

(c) Cover illustration redrawn by F.W.Bernstein

We did this and made a book from all the ideas as one part of a fun course on combing writing and illustrating featured by the German Federal Academy for Cultural Education, Wolfenbuettel (Nov. 24-26, 2004).

The book happend to be copied and bound those days. Pages texted and illustrated by me are these ... find all pages here.
The dandy pretends to be very modest,
the ladies should feast their eyes on him.
('feast' in German had the same meaning as 'pastures')

Respect and repentance has to be demonstrated for me,
my dear raven, that's what you have to remember.

... what fun we had, just working in that combination of renown writers and illustrators.

The self given excercise was inspired by the childrens books, which bring kids near the alphabet with funny or even silly rimes. Each sentence should contain at least two words starting with the letter shown in a capital and a small form. And as we had been close to the end of the year those days, the overall subject should be "virtues and vices". So this post seemed to fit in the start of the new year 'perfectly'.

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