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Thursday, February 16, 2006

NiPriCo *)

*) Nitro-Print-Copy

Thanks to Kathrin's tipps on one of here pictures I changed her inspiration a little - by accident. I mis-remembered the process and wiped nitro on an imprint (here: a pizza-card-board) and transfered it onto paper.

This picture you see, is a second print from the swashed cardboard: I kept it dry but drenched a sheet of paper with nitro and lay it on the packaging. So this is it ... colours are not 100% the same, due to scanning ;-)

And hereby I open up a contest on what kind of pizza was in that package. Take a guess and send me or post an answer - for mail look out at the end of the blog.


cristosova said...

Looks Dr. Oetker spinach to me.

(I see we share some of the same link taste :))

PeterPen said...

Good guess: You are right, regarding the spinach - the company is German, but not Dr. Oetker ;-)

... and about the links: you have some on your page, which I didn't post but do like, too. :)

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