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Thursday, March 23, 2006

"I am a deeheentiist ..."

... Steve Martin and several others sang in the musical "Little Shop of Horrors". I did not, but I had some deeper insights into the dent-business, as I drew some illustrations for a prophylactic dent-learning-course. No, not for the dents - stupid - for children, who should learn about it.

This on above was a sketch not to be taken - chew gum after you eat and the dent-devils stay away. In fact they STAY away, 'cause the cannot move ...


Don said...

Just curious.. is it puttin gthe goo there, os is the goo hindering it? Fun illo!

bee'nme said...

Great creature - what a fun piece! I also love the artwork on your header - nice!

PeterPen said...

don, thank you!
The goo (gum) should hinder the dentdevil but in fact it is keeping it there. Indeed, I am asking myself now how those clean-up gums for teath are working ;-) funny, that you did not draw a monster insect though you seem so affiliated to them ;-)

bee'nme, thank you, too!
your kid for illu-friday really subdued the monsters - children should like those magic colours ;-)

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