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Friday, October 20, 2006


I wonder what happened to the mouse in the wall, we discovered a couple of weeks ago, as she ran from behind the stove across the kitchen up to the sink, to fetch some rose-fertiliser ... maybe she grew to a giant mouse .... I think of a HULK-mouse after having eaten the fertiliser --- blasting the walls.


Plask said...

Ah, the mice are trying to find a warm place to stay for the winter? Nice to see something new from you. I guess everything would be a bit smaller if I had Firefox? :-D

We live in the 3rd floor, so there are no mice here, we HAD flies but my carnivore plant ate all of them.

:) Plask

PeterPen said...

oh, yes, MSIntExplorer doesn't work with this reagular page - I still don't know how to fix it ... (:-(

Regarding the mice: we live on 5th floor. Maybe it just takes some time, that yours allready passed by your flat ;-)

See you soon on your site

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