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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Strange Things // Seltsame Dinge

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"Seltsame Dinge" - meaning "strange things" - the boy was inspired by Alex Noriega (as written on the page above). After I got back to his page again, I went on drawing.
Funny enough my Mom called that night, some weeks ago, and told me strange things ... after I had drawn this page


alex said...

hey peter,

super blog. jefällt ma!

bien matou said...

hey, danke fuer den link!

Peter Pen said...

danke alex - mein kompliment an Deinen findest Du auf Deinem ...

Merci, Bien Matou - das war der pure Zufall, dass ich es bei Dir fand und gerade selbst erfuhr wer 18metzger ist ;-)

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