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Friday, June 29, 2007


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Haven't been drawing for days, as we are somehow busy imagining pictures of future flats ... finally came up with this anniversary-greeting-card, for someone who is already working for 20 years for the same company.
"Zwangzig" (something like "compulsion(ing)") nearly sounds like "Zwanzig" (meaning "twenty") - so connected to compulsory labour ... translating plays of words stinks ... ;-)


Nicolás Meza said...

Una grandiosa caricatura, lástima que no entiendo el texto, pero el dibujo habla por si solo. Simplemente un dibujo bastante original. Mis aplausos.

Peter Pen said...

thank you Nicolás!

I somehow understood what you are saying ;-) your writing simply "habla por si solo" ;-)

muchas gracias, Thorsten

maoniu said...

ahoi peter, bist du nun nach willi wilhelmsburg gezogen? wenn du noch fragen hast, nur zu... ;-) lg, anna

Peter Pen said...

... danke der Nachfrage, Anna!

Wir haben gestern einen Vertrag in der Nähe Rote Flora unterschrieben.

Liebe Grüße

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