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Saturday, April 04, 2009

| ... oh Tutor, my Tutor! |

Mark Chong gives live and recorded lessons on drawing --- meanwhile they are bit longer than ten minutes, but you really learn splendid basics and keep some eye openers right away. 

Click here, enjoy and donate. 


Gus said...


Where you been :) You are missed.
Thanks for this post, good info.


Peter Pen said...

-- I have been busy first and then became ill for a quite a long time and recover now.

Thank you for coming around and caring, Gus.

I'll be back!

Gus said...

Good to know you are doing better. Did you pursue the storyboarding job? from your sketchcrawl experience?


Peter Pen said...

You are good in rembering details, Gus!

Thank you for asking - right now I try to keep up with the work, which fell behind.

Regarding the stroyboarding, I'd like to send you a mail via SC ;-) ... in some days.

Thanks again for coming around,

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