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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Verschlafen - Overslept

.. aus gegebenem Anlass eine kleine Nachreichung .. oh, I forgot, that there are some internationals about to read this, too ... : ... at the instance of the late start into the day, due to a friend's marriage last night and the lazy game my favorite football-team showed today, I post this on here:
... I actually do not have one of these fancy nightgowns. Have yourself a nice day ;-)


Plask said...

I like this guy :) There's something special with pen & aquarel together, it really gives shape to the drawings.

I commented your comment on my website, I'm actually not quite sure how the "commentarypolicy" is, am I supposed to copy my comment and publish it here as well, or only here, or only at my site?

I'm new in this game :-D


PeterPen said...

I have no clou about those commenting guidelines either. I just do it on both in the beginning as one does not have one certain new post to comment on ;-)

So later on, one just adds new words to one side of the two blogs ;-)


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