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Sunday, September 24, 2006

SC 11 - The Big Picture

It seems, every other Sketchcrawl a certain subject comes to my pens ... last time,, on SC #5 (Pakistani Relief SC) I had oillamps and other cans or pots. This time, it happened after a while, that I mainly drew and drew my attention to people's bags ;-)
Well, if you want to see them detailed, please click on the pictures. I only could draw all of them within a range of two to five minutes as I was sitting at crossing first and later on at the main railway station forecourt ... and please do not forget to watch out for the rest of us at SC-Forum!


Gerald said...

Great post! I like your layout approach. Lots of variety of close-ups and full body sketches. Keep it up!

PeterPen said...

Gerald, great to "see" you! Haven't seen you for a while around. Thanks for commenting - this defintely will be something I am going to follow - it's been a big fun and big learning experience ...

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