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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

| Sketchcrawl # 18 | Results |

click on picture to read details ;-)

More to be seen here at our Sketchcrawl-Forum.


tinta tonto said...

I like the way of put coments in the draw. (and the sketchs)

Peter Pen said...

Thank you, Tinta Tinto or should I say Tinto Tinta as it says in your header ;-)

Looking forward to seeing to seeing some more of your " viƱas".

MACO said...

Hi peter,
I like your artworks. :)
from the other side of the earth ;)

Peter Pen said...

Thank you for coming along ;-)

Whereabout in Japan is spring already that far - as you have shown on your blog?

Thorsten (aka Peter Pen)

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