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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

| Wenn Fische hupen könnten || If fish could honk |

Fish is saying: "Hey, speed up folks!"

We had the chance to be invited by some of a kind and super-nice marketers at one of the biggest shots in the advertising business in Europe/Hamburg. Three handsome members took care of us. During their presentation a big old steamboat "blew a horn" -- mixing up the words the apprentice said "well that's some of the nice parts working directly on the habour-side, where the fish honk" instead of saying "where the ships honk " ... you'll get the mix, if you'd know that "Schiffe" (ships) is just next to "Fische" (fish) in German. Just exchange "SCH" by "F"

So I started to wonder, in which cases fish might want to honk ... someone else may make up a picture on the low pun "traffic jam" resp. "berry jam", seeing the fish-traffic-jam ... not to forget about the jam-session.

UPDATE See the follow-up here:
| Hunk Fish || Hupfisch |

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