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Monday, September 29, 2008

| Du Sack |

Last Friday a friend of mine and me went to have a small lunch after a long week of work. Having finished I went in to pay before we left. I invited him, which he didn't expect and caused him to call me a "nutsack" with a smile on his face ... which I translated into the real bag/sack you see on the picture. In fact you have to know, he really is one of a kind decent, Hanseatic and well brought up men, who'd never really use this word in public.
Well you never know ;)

UPDATE: I remember, that he also has been the one, who inspired me to this drawing, too. Hmmmmmm ....


Jen Z said...

Hi there!
It's a shame this doesn't quite translate into english... Perhaps a more fitting insult would be "douchebag", but I don't know if that can be meant in a playful way between friends. I suppose so, but then I've been speaking German for too long now, I am not up on the newspeak in english speaking countries anymore. :}

Peter Pen said...

-- thanks for the new word ;)

One might want to say it ;)

Too sad, one cannot see your profile resp. you blog-link from your comment: Is there any chance to do so?


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