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Sunday, May 24, 2009

| Mi Domando |

The perfect song to start in this sunny day. 

I know, Adriano Celentano may seem akward for this, but just give it try.

Such a funny man. Just follow the b/w-videos in that section and follow him back to his roots in San Remo, see him making jokes in "Rockpolitick" with Benigni and so on. No, I am not his biggest fan. He just a wonderful character to draw. 

Instead of looking into a wiki you might want to follow some of his steps in this article

And to complete the rambling: If you are in the mood to fell Italian, be Italian. (via Enrico). 

And if you think Gipi is the only current wonderful Italian artist you might want to take a look here at the "Animals", too.

"60th anniversary of the Federal Republic of Germany yesterday and you keep talking of Italy all the time!" - "Well, you know, Goethe went there, too." - "Oh, gee, leave me alone with that ..." - "And Heine went to France!" - "Now, that's it ..."   

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