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Sunday, May 17, 2009

| Paul Flora |

How could I forget about it. Paul Flora died on Friday, May 15. I was shocked that day, when I got told about it. 

I stumbled on the date again visiting Sven K.'s blog (daily ivy)

I quickly took out one of his books I bought a couple of years ago. This one is from 1975 and can't be purchased other than second hand. 

The steam-ship, as I remember, has been reprinted in one of my first primary school books, too. 

And one of my first birds I drew had a lot in common with birds, Paul Flora drew, though I didn't really know him at that age - so he must have left a big impression one me.

Besides his dark pictures I have always been impressed by his playful compositions - for instance this tree and a meadow just made of single letters. And as handwritten lettering is kind of modern, you might want to take a look at Flora's play with letters, too.

UPDATE: Sir Beck linked to a nice Austrian page on Paul Flora, showing some pictures and videos. 

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