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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

| Sternekoch || Five-Star Chef |

This one is saying: "... nothing left to cook? I thought you'd be a five-star chef!?"

Dieser ist noch nicht so ganz ausgereift. Seltsame Sprechblase, Bildausschnitt und Details, daher nur fotografiert und nicht gescannt. Oberthema: Himmelfahrt - ist ja Donnerstag und machen die Astronauten ja t├Ąglich. Ist also nichts Besonderes.

Kann man ganz schlecht ├╝bersetzen ... really hard to translate. I just took a photo and didn't scan it, as there are some ... many things to be done better. 

Talking about better: I am on a trip to copy great masters of art, to learn from. So I stumbled upon this wonderful colleague again. Go ahead and find out about him on your own. 

UPDATE: Crawling through the net back again, I found that Sven Knoch, had an idea on a cook, working with stars, too - done May 27, 2009.

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